World War II
Yesterday's Sandhills
The Bones of My People

Prospect Avenue Books presently offers two books, plus a bonus! The books are available in both paperback and Kindle format.

  • Yesterdays Sandhills by Rita Baltutt Kyle – The story of the family of Rita Baltutt at the end of World War II in the eastern part of Germany. In 1945, Rita and her three sisters were effectively orphaned when their parents were taken for forced labor into the Soviet Union. This is the story of their struggle for survival.
  • The Bones of My People by Gertrud Baltutt – The story of the capture, imprisonment and survival of Gertrud Baltutt, a German civilian transported into forced labor into the Soviet Union at the end of World War II.

For more information about these two books, please check out the tabs above. Some background information about the geography and the history surrounding the events in the books can be found in the World War II tab.

Featured Bonus Book

  • Smarty Pants – Essentials of Communication by Scott Kyle — Pocket-sized Smarty Pants deals with the essentials of communication - those words that are more than the basics, but rarely enough used that many of us aren't really familiar with what they mean. It is an alphabetical list of 1000+ less familiar words, and includes some of the more common ones with uncommon senses. If you need to expand your vocabulary, Smarty Pants will help.

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